Go beyond the ordinary which meets the eye, unlock your greatest abilities,
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The peak of the Institute's offerings

The Quantum Transformation Advanced Programme is a specialized, exclusive training for visionariesexecutives, and leaders and for whom efficiency, responsibility, communication, decision-making, and time/resource management are crucial – for both the benefit of the organizations they are involved with, as well as harmonious integration and fulfillment in their personal lives

True leaders know that in order to effectively lead others, they first need to master their own life in all areas.



Highly trained experts in the field deliver lessons which include in-depth presentations, yoga sessions, meditation, and other practical techniques. The programme is created and led by the founder and principal teacher of IQT, Advaitananda.


As the programme has a highly practical approach, the tuition also includes access to a network of mentors, one-on-one consultations with Advaitananda, and a programme of training and practice which support the process of integrating the studied methods and notions in the entire period between the training immersions. 


Each module is hosted at specially selected locations suitable for the uninterrupted, intense programme of teaching. Our private chefs carefully curate the sumptuous vegetarian menu to holistically nourish participants for maximum energy and alertness.


"When it’s said that this is a fast-track programme, my God, it really is a fast-track programme. You learn things within less than two years that take some people ten years of intense practices to learn, and I think as the world is changing so fast now, we can’t hang around waiting, so it’s the time to grab the best we can and go as fast as we can. And it’s done in a way that is very safe. You go very fast, but you don’t fall apart."

Lucy Pattinson, Certified Breath Coach, United Kingdom


  • Harness the power of intent.
  • Train the muscle of the mind to access elevated wisdom.
  • Enable perfect stress management: achieve emotional immunity.
  • Gain access to superior intuition through the gateway of the heart.
  • Reach new levels of efficiency you have not yet experienced. Be in the perfect place at the perfect time.
  • Learn how to align with the most profound purposes in your heart, effortlessly connecting and working with others.
  • Unlock universal principles that help you always act in the most effective way


Quantum Transformation is a profound journey, structured in a specially designed two-year curriculum.


The programme consists of four modules, approximately four to six months in length each.


Each module includes a week-long in-person teaching immersion, followed by guided individual training.


Through the series of insightful modules and meetings, one will be given the possibility to encounter the true wonders of an extraordinary, multi-dimensional life, going beyond the ordinary which meets the eye.


The programme is exclusive, and in order to qualify, candidates must undergo a series of interviews with the members of our team and top teachers. The qualification process is meant to ensure that the participant will be able to keep up with the fast and intense pace of the programme which demands intelligence, lucidity, focus, open-mindedness and aspiration.




"I used to be a “busy fool”, just busy being busy, and I’d say I probably now do 10% of what I used to do because my level of self-awareness inside of business is just going up and up and up. Therefore, Quantum Transformation has given me back a massive amount of time."

Greg Garrett, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom


The programme is run by a team of initiates who seek to raise the level of consciousness on this planet, together with those who are ready to transform themselves.

Having accessed and benefitted from some key esoteric information ourselves, we believe now is the time to start sharing this with carefully selected individuals.

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Graduates of the Quantum Transformation programme can choose to become part of the Network of Hearts: a group of highly conscious individuals, fixed on higher ideals, who come together to receive and put into practice valuable initiations. Striving to rapidly ascend to the sublime heights of their being, they integrate the Quantum structure of life into their daily experiences. They bring the light of consciousness into the world, down to the smallest details of the modern human’s busy life.


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"I’m so happy I could come to this Quantum Transformation course. I was initially quite skeptical, not convinced what this might give to me. Now, I’m so happy I made it. The revelations to me were quite significant. Many times, we go ahead without putting a strong foundation, so we can still make a few jumps, but when it is required to make that quantum leap forward, we don’t have the resources, the energy, or the capability to do it because we miss the fundamentals. In this course, the most significant thing for me has been how very systematically, all the elements which make up the fundamentals have been put together in such a beautiful, interleaved manner, that you feel completely transformed from the inside."

Hariprasad Prasarthy, Stockholm