What if you were able to access the power of the heart to such a degree that everything you do could be effortlessly effective?

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Leading from the Heart

Today we try to replace true decision making with logical deduction, to ‘outsmart’ the problem by re-organising it or changing its label. It is rare to see those in positions of authority heroically assuming personal risk when making choices that would call for and demonstrate, greater wisdom in action. On the contrary, the position is too often occupied by those who play safe for themselves, yet freely risk others.

We can say we lack true leaders at all levels of society. A new paradigm in leading is needed, and a shift in the way we look upon leadership is imminent. This shift starts from within, to realise that what we miss the most is the capacity to lead our own life.


Have you already accomplished high goals, yet intuit there is even more to experience?
Encounter the true wonders of an extraordinary, multi-faceted life, and go beyond that which meets the eye.


Varying in duration from one-hour sessions to three-week courses with guided programme of study and application


From intimate dinners to weekend retreats where like-minded professionals come together to connect, share and grow


A systematic series of exclusive and intense in-person modules with one-on-one support and guided periods of ardent individual training

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Our high-level programmes allow you to unlock your greatest abilities and reveal universal principles so that you can live from your fullest potential.

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"The core of the programme is Advaitananda Stoian, and that’s what is so extraordinary, exciting, transformative is spending so much time with Advaitananda and being able to ask him questions, listening to hours of extraordinary lectures, and being in his really amazing energy. That is just priceless. People can wait a lifetime to spend time with someone like that."

Lucy Pattinson, Certified Breath Coach,  United Kingdom

"This journey for me has been one of moving from a head-based reality, a reality that’s full of confusion, dilemmas, dichotomies, misunderstandings into a heart-based reality. Just to give you an idea of what that means: it’s about beginning, for the first time, to integrate and think in a 360 degree way, a bit like the change in photography where we used to just get this picture straight on and now we can get this full panoramic view. Moving into the heart is a starting point to get to experience that panoramic view."

Greg Garrett, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

"This is not something that you do for an hour a day and then you forget about it and you’re the same person. This is transforming you from the inside. I will never be the same person again, in the way I look at life. It’s slowly transforming me to look at life in a very positive manner, to celebrate life."

Hariprasad Prasarthy, Stockholm


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