In order to accountably guide our participants through processes of rapid growth and transformation, most of our high level programmes require an investment of time, money, and commitment. At the same time, we wish to widely share as much content as we responsibly can. Below, you will find relatively short seminars that are packed with value, even if they are just the tip of the iceberg.

NEW: Science & Consciousness

Advaitananda's seminar "A Fundamental Paradigm Shift in Exploring Consciousness & Its Practical Applications" at Science & Consciousness 2022

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NEW: Advaitananda in Conversation with Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton joined Ava for a fascinating talk about their respective research, as well as both professional and personal discoveries on the nature of consciousness. Watch for some amazing insights and perspectives from the scientific domain, and hear about their practical real-life application.

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Beyond scheduling and multi-tasking

Time is a resource that we constantly consume, more or less consciously. Not considering this means we easily waste it. By learning the universal principles which are always at work, we can learn to master and use time for our (and everyone’s) greatest benefit.

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Bringing success home and happiness to work

Usually, we think that work and personal life should be kept apart. Too often we seem to be able to grow in one at the expense of the other. What does your intimate life have to do with your work? And how to make both thrive without sacrificing one? 

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Are we truly using what we have?

The universe is always rich and balanced, yet we are often disconnected from the abundance that naturally exists in the universe. Advaitananda joins us for a discussion about generating real and harmonious abundance for yourself and others.

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Cultivating Extraordinary Eroticism

Intimacy is a fundamental need for human beings, and how we deal with and act in intimacy has an immense reflection on all parts of our life. Learn how to deepen intimacy through the cultivation of the extraordinary energy of eroticism.

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Can we have both?

Is the search for true fulfilment a never-ending-story? In order to be happy AND successful, we need to learn to swim and join the integral universal journey to the ocean. Discover how we can truly be ready to receive and enjoy the success we call for.

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Anyway there's no going back.
Start living now.

We’re not talking about the “new normal”. At this event, different perspectives, from business to science to spirituality, join forces in order to offer a superior and effective vantage point. 

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From Coal to Diamond

At high-level leadership, stress related problems create an extra pressure that often hinders the effectiveness of work. Advaitananda joins us to share how to master stressful circumstances, even—and especially—when the stakes are high and accountability is huge.

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Effortless leading while following your heart

A new paradigm in leadership is needed, and a shift in the way we look upon leadership is imminent. In this talk, Advaitananda introduces the basic guidelines of a new paradigm of leading.

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