About Advaitananda
Institute for Quantum Transformation


"David was always there in the marble. I just took away everything that was not David." - Michelangelo

The Institute for Quantum Transformation exists to empower those who are ready to tap into their innate inner brilliance, going beyond the ordinary limits of the mind and using the superior wisdom of the heart.

Weaving together the practical with the intuitive, the Institute offers systematic, proven techniques for utilising universal laws for the benefit of all, constantly shifting paradigms and upgrading perspectives in all areas of life.

The Institute is where inspiration meets actualisation, and the human being is guided in chiseling away the layers of illusion, becoming truly alive and effective in the world.



With an array of programmes suitable for various stages of the self-discovery journey, we aim to share groundbreaking perspectives on topics vital to modern daily life. Our offerings primarily address executives, visionaries and entrepreneurs for whom the efficient management of time and resources, responsible leadership and decision-making are crucial.

In a time when true leadership is lacking and outdated social systems are crashing, our higher level programmes provide guidance to help those with influence and power to, first-and-foremost, lead their own lives, thus fulfilling their purpose of leading others in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

The Institute's courses culminate with the Quantum Transformation programme, a high-level training for those who have already achieved success and intuit there is even more to experience.



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