A new paradigm in sustainable leadership

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Fulfil the first condition of true leadership, be the leader of your own life.

The Executive Immersion course approaches leadership and business development from the perspective of principles, so you can apply them to every aspect of your business. We offer an “inside-out” approach to change, where instead of trying to control the environment, success becomes accessible regardless of the outer conditions.

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For yourself:
  • Challenge your thinking, reignite your enthusiasm, open to fresh inspiration and energy for your career and personal life.

  • The chance to become part of a diverse peer group of like-minded senior leaders to share experiences and expand your perspective.

  • Renew your confidence to thrive in uncertainty and seize new opportunities for growth.

  • Learn to access your innate genius potential.

  • Discover how to escape the labyrinth of stressful mental agitation.

  • Stay relaxed in intense action: an introduction to the concept of dynamic balance.

  • Learn how to connect to your fundamental needs and goals.

  • Become more conscious of your addictions and compulsions and learn how to override the settings of desire-driven actions.

  • Start a process of non-preferential spherical expansion: the only sustainable direction of growth.

  • Improved efficiency in guiding teams, projects and organisations.

  • Learn how to correctly set up and succeed in achieving integrated goals.

For your organisation:
  • Start the process of “inside-out” transformation, generate profound impact in the society.

  • Cultivate new perspectives on business transformation.

  • Improve financial results by applying a more purpose-driven and sustainable model for long-term growth.

  • Learn how to align the organisation with universal principles.

  •  Prepare your organisation for the future — enable growth, transformation and resilience.

  • Foster a balanced and impactful organisational culture.

  •  Keys to build efficient and sustainable teams.


2.5 days of intensive teachings


Advaitananda is a scientist, author, scholar, and teacher of yoga and meditation for almost three decades. He is a pioneer in combining the findings of modern science with ancient techniques for tapping into and mastering the full potential of the brain and consciousness. The programmes he offers on integral success and leadership draw on universal principles and laws in order to help us work in a fully integrated way in line with our true selves, to get the most out of life and our career at all levels.

2.5 DAYS

(TUES 16:00 - THURS 17:00)

In-person immersion in Denmark


In-depth presentations, yoga & meditation sessions and other practical techniques delivered by highly-qualified teachers, led by founder and principal teacher of IQT, Advaitananda.


Course tuition, accommodation and a vegetarian menu carefully curated by private chefs. PLUS: ongoing practices, follow-up calls and guidance. 

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Our Philosophy

All our programmes encourage a process of spherical growth, which implies a willingness to look in all directions for accelerated, holistic and non-preferential beneficial transformation. 

We know that lasting transformation  cannot happen in just two days, which is why our programmes are not intended as ‘quick-fixes’. We offer a boost to your journey, as a leader and organisation, that together with inner commitment and personal effort, offers
the possibility to achieve truly life-changing results.

Our teachers and team are available to offer guidance as you take new steps on this journey that is life itself.

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