Principal Teacher & Founder of IQT


Advaitananda is the principal teacher and founder of the Institute for Quantum Transformation. A scientist, author, scholar, and teacher of yoga and meditation for almost three decades, he is a pioneer in combining the findings of modern science with ancient techniques for tapping into and mastering the full potential of the brain and consciousness. He currently leads high-performance programmes for executives, leaders, and visionaries who aim for 360-degree success, including positively impacting society on a profound level.

Advaitananda’s story is intricate and nuanced, filled with a lifetime of intense academic and scientific study, daily spiritual practice and self-enquiry.

Arguably his greatest contribution to the world today is in his skilful bridging of current scientific discoveries with esoteric technology, giving practical solutions for the modern-day person. At a time of shifting global consciousness, Advaitananda’s contribution to global and personal evolution is invaluable and highly sought-after.

With a masters degree in nuclear physics, work in scientific research at the Academy of Science and in artificial intelligence, Advaitananda is also a prolific proponent of current socio-political issues, introducing fundamental concepts to shape a broader understanding of human rights: spiritual human rights, soul ecology, and hygiene of the consciousness.


For those wanting lazer sharp insight in order to make a breakthrough, Advaitananda offers private consultation sessions to individuals, couples, and businesses. 

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