Anyway there's no going back.
Start living now.

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Surrounded by all walls and apparently no door?

Be part of the first wave of people who truly understand that things cannot go back to how they were and that in order to move forward, we need more than just to say it. This event is for those who want to take responsibility and realise that each of us need to be part of the solution.

The old is gone; we will not return to how it was; now is the moment that we build the future. If we remove the unnecessary and shake off the debris, we can uplift our perspective and step into tomorrow lighter, fresh and ready for something much better for everyone. Many of us have already heard rhetoric like this, but what does it really mean, and are we really doing it? 

We’re not talking about the “new normal”.

This crisis goes beyond the virus. Most feel this intuitively, yet some of us may not be willing to fully admit it. The generalised sense of powerlessness and waiting for the outside to change and solve our problems is an excuse, the true pandemic, that even some of the strongest people have now passively accepted. This event may not be for everyone. We need to be ready to open this type of conversation and go to meet life’s challenges actively. Start to discover how to move through walls that once looked solid.

What you do now will sow the seed for your new reality.

At this event, different perspectives, from business to science to spirituality, will join forces in order to offer a superior and effective vantage point.



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Advaitananda is a scientist, author, scholar, and teacher of yoga and meditation for over three decades. He is a pioneer in combining modern science with ancient techniques for tapping into and mastering the full potential of the brain and consciousness. In showing how we can regain our power as autonomous human beings, the true personal responsibility of each of us becomes more apparent.


Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, MD is an Internal Medicine Specialist and a leading authority in stem cell research. His innovations are bringing a new way of thinking about ageing and medicine, based on the nutritional needs of the body rather than purely chemical attempts to heal symptoms and issues. His contributions to the science of ageing, advanced nutrition, and solving issues of human disease are courageously pioneering.


Maria Porsfelt is the coordinator and lead instructor at Tara Yoga Centre in London. A Philosophy graduate with over 20 years of spiritual practice, she is known for her wise and down-to-earth approach that melds the metaphysical with day-to-day life. Her personal practice of embracing life and all that it brings is anchored in ‘emotional alchemy’, showing how it is possible to avoid an inner ‘lockdown’ despite outer circumstances.


Kim Baden-Kristensen is the CEO and co-founder of Brain+, an award winning Danish health tech company specialising in digital therapeutics for brain disorders. Kim has a Master of Science in Economics and a degree in Health Care Innovation from Harvard. His expertise in neuroplasticity allows him to offer an innovative perspective on overcoming crisis by upgrading mindset and belief systems.

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We do not share or sell this information with anyone.