Can we have both?

an 80-minute taster seminar with Advaitananda


Is the search for true fulfilment a never-ending-story?

Very often we want to succeed more than we care for the price we have to pay.

Imbalance and disharmony became our way of living, taking us out of alignment with our natural state of happiness.

If we want THIS, we have to do THAT... the classic motivational scheme that dominates our entire civilisation today. But can success be controlled at all?

Most success stories hide key elements to make them appear the result of one’s own making. In reality, there are many factors that cannot be controlled by the individual. The universe is always successful, unless we interfere.

“All rivers successfully find the ocean.” – Indian proverb

In order to be happy AND successful, we need to learn to swim and join the integral universal journey to the ocean. Complex motivational schemes hide the real flow of life – we act against our own deep needs and so ruin both our chances for real success and true happiness and fulfilment.

Advaitananda shares how discovering perspectives, instead of building motivations, will help us awaken aspirations from within. This is how we can truly be ready to receive and enjoy the success we call for. 

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