A Fundamental Paradigm Shift in Exploring Consciousness & Its Practical Applications

an 80-minute seminar with Advaitananda


Can consciousness explore itself?

What keeps us from experiencing our pure consciousness and the true reality of interconnectedness?

In his seminar at Science & Consciousness 2022, Advaitananda challenges the current direction of understanding consciousness, which is usually limited to analyzing the simple, logical mind. He offers a shift in paradigm to understand and explore consciousness in a new way.

Why explore and expand consciousness?

Advaitananda's research and experimentation on expanding consciousness include results such as:

  •  improved health and inner harmony
  •  boosted self-healing capacity
  •  increased moments of non-local consciousness, such as clear intuitions, empathic experiences
  •  extended control of functions (body, emotions, thoughts)
  •  deeper understanding of oneself
  •  strengthened feeling of being part of a greater WHOLE

He explains how inner agitation and the thinking process interrupts our experience of pure consciousness and results in the feeling of separation and division, leading to experiences like fear, stress and anxiety.

Can we permanently stop this agitating storm?

Advaitananda reveals that we can actually shift levels of consciousness at will. We are designed to be that way. Yet it takes knowledge and dedicated practice.

He presents research, systematic experimentation, ideas and solutions for improving self awareness, controlling our attention and, thus, expanding and deepening our experience of reality.

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