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Why are we fighting for resources? It seems there is not enough food for everyone, yet studies show that there is more than enough for all…

On closer inspection, we can see that the problem is not that we don’t have, but that we use what we have unconsciously, ineffectively, and sometimes, not at all.

The universe is always rich and balanced, yet we are often disconnected from the abundance that naturally exists in the universe. We measure abundance in quantities that are so big as to “secure” any possible need or desire we may have, to have so much that we can’t fathom a way to reach the end. But if you look at how nature works, nothing is wasted. Everything that appears to be a little excessive later proves to be an investment, even towards huge leaps in evolution. Nothing is given without a clear purpose.

People across civilisations have tried to abusively take and accumulate everything they can, with all and any means, yet it has never proven successful long term.

Advaitananda joins us for a discussion about generating real and harmonious abundance for yourself and others.

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