Bringing success home and happiness to work

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“The way you are in intimacy closely reflects the way you are in LIFE.”

Kama Sutra
Usually, we think that work and personal life should be kept apart.

Too often we seem to be able to grow in one at the expense of the other, resulting in two extremes: high performance in work with a weak intimate life or vice versa. These extremes, however, are only the result of a misconception regarding the deep mutual relationship between our success in career and our happiness in relationships.

The idea that in order to have a truly accomplished career, we must almost always live with a failing or non-existent relationship is a misunderstanding. What happens at home reflects what happens at work, even if this reality is often overlooked or ignored. The other way around works as well: cultivating true, fulfilling intimacy will naturally fuel and support our work and high aspirations in life.

Advaitananda Stoian lives both, as a scientist, author, and teacher of yoga, Tantra, and meditation for over three decades, who has also cultivated a passionate relationship with his beloved wife Adina for those same 30 years.

He joins us to answer the question:
What does your intimate life have to do with your work?
And how to make both thrive without sacrificing one?


Advaitananda Stoian is a pioneer in combining the findings of modern science with ancient techniques for tapping into and unleashing the full potential of the brain and consciousness. He runs programmes on integral success and leadership, which draw on universal principles and laws in order to help us work in a fully integrated way in line with our true selves, to get the most out of life and our career at all levels.

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