from Coal to Diamond

an 80-minute intro seminar with Advaitananda


“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”

Stress is clearly a widespread issue today but even more so for leaders and those who have assumed a substantial responsibility. At high-level leadership, stress related problems create an extra pressure that often hinders the effectiveness of work.

Unfortunately, for such a universal problem, there doesn't seem to be efficient, well-known solutions, and people are left to “manage” stress, in other words, to survive its effects and adapt to them.

For those who want to thrive, though, there are real, effective solutions. However, for getting started, courage is needed, courage to look at the problem head-on.

It’s not about mitigating or trying to reduce the stressors in life. This will not eliminate the problem in reality.

The key is to stay under pressure harmoniously over time, analogically like being the calm in the middle of the storm. By mastering this ability, the character is strengthened by the stress-storm itself and can ultimately become diamond-like.

Advaitananda joins us to share how to master stressful circumstances, even--and especially--when the stakes are high and accountability is huge.

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