Master and expand your most precious resource

an 80-minute intro seminar with Advaitananda


Why does time “fly by” when we are very busy or having a good time, yet drag on when we are disinterested, bored or waiting in line?

Time is a precious resource, which can often seem very scarce and limited. In a busy life it can feel like we are constantly running out of time. 

One of the most significant reasons for peoples’ dissatisfaction with their perception of time passage is that time is wasted, that fundamental goals are not achieved, that life just passes by without awareness or experience of living it.

We often try to compensate for this by over-planning, tightly packing our schedule and so-called ‘multi-tasking’. These ‘solutions’, however, often make our experience of time even more contracted and tense, and they can also result in mistakes, lower quality and less valuable outcome of our actions.

Through Learning the universal principles which are always at work, we learn to master and utilize time for our (and everyone’s) greatest benefit.

Advaitananda is a living example of someone who has mastered the mysterious energy of time to a certain degree, leading a full life as head of an international organisation. He is a scientist, author and scholar, and has also been a teacher of yoga and meditation for over three decades.

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