Cultivating Extraordinary Eroticism

an 80-minute intro seminar with Advaitananda


Living a full, rich, intense and successful life implies having fulfilment in all areas of life - not just in the workplace and career.

 Even though it is often considered taboo, intimacy is a fundamental need for human beings, and how we deal with and act in intimacy has an immense reflection on all parts of our life.

  When we start to ‘turn the lights on’ in the bedroom, we’ll discover that we know very little about what happens with us there.

If we’re honest, most people today are unnecessarily ignorant about intimacy. Even when experiencing pleasure, there is often a lot of guilt and shame experienced simultaneously, shadowing the intimacy. These negative states perpetuate the deep ignorance we have about what intimacy is and the amazing things it can do to us.

With the right attitude and knowledge, pleasure and intimacy can be absolutely uplifting, limitless and inspiring, while also deeply transforming. Ancient cultures knew the difference between erotic energy and basic sexual instinct. They valued and cultivated eroticism as an expansive, unifying force. At a personal level and societal level as well, this knowledge has since been lost by the majority today, covered over by sexual instincts which enforce a consuming, goal-oriented attitude, not only in love but also in all of life.

Many have the intuition that intimacy presents an incredible opportunity to express power and love, but the big issue is that few actually know how to approach it correctly. Our creative potential has an immense strength; for example, to programme and re-programme neural pathways much faster and more easily than anything else. Therefore, when sexual energy is misused, personal limitations and blockages can be reinforced and aggravated. And when erotic energy is cultivated consciously, positive effects like healing, expansion and regeneration are swift and mind-blowing.

Advaitananda Stoian, a scientist, author, and teacher of yoga, Tantra, and meditation for over three decades, joins us to share insights on how to deepen intimacy through the cultivation of the extraordinary energy of eroticism.

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