Unlimited Access to Your Inner Resources

an 80-minute intro seminar with Advaitananda


“The problem of resources is not that they don’t exist. The problem is that we don’t acknowledge them.”


In a leadership position there is a constant need to make decisions and prioritise, and often those decisions are based upon whether we already have enough external resources available rather than really cultivating the best ideas.

But what if the universe will give you more resources, when they are needed for the right ideas and projects? 

When we make the best of the resources we are given, we show the universe we are worthy of further investment. A profound misunderstanding is that a state of abundance should mean that we have more than we'll ever be able to consume. As a consequence, we reduce life to “having more”, while in reality life is meant to evolve, and abundance is a response to progress, to evolution.

The real cause of the feeling of “not having enough” is a wasteful inner attitude and implies a reduced capacity to acknowledge and properly use what we already have.

In learning to consciously access all we have, we realise we are always given exactly the resources we need. The point is not to try to play ALL the instruments of the orchestra but to play OUR part extraordinarily well.

Advaitananda joins us to share how universal laws reveal keys to real abundance and accessing unlimited resources in all areas of life.

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